Salsa • Yoga • Ayurvedic Lifestyle • Nutrition

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Salsa Dancing | Group & Private Lessons

Salsa group classes, private lessons, video email subscription, DVDs, study guide; special events including weddings, parties, etc.

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Chakra Meditation | Yoga | Partner Yoga

Chakra meditation classes, guided meditation CD and study guide, partner yoga classes, yoga sculpt classes; video email subscription; pranayama (breathing exercises).

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Nutrition | Ayurvedic Lifestyle | Isagenix

Nutrition analysis, Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, Om Body aromatherapy; Isagenix body cleanse and weight loss program; exercise prescription.

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I have had a weight problem for as long as I can remember. I first tried diet pills…

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Switching partners salsa dancing at Cañada College.[/cap…